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Pete Miller's in Evanston

Posted on: October 25, 2008

On Thursday, October 23, 2008, a bunch of friends and I went to eat at Pete Miller’s in Evanston, Illinois. I chose this place because I read an article on Men’s Fitness website (America’s Best Burgers), claiming that they had one of the top ten burgers in America. This I just had to check out for myself, and will be my first burger review for this blog.

It’s called the Prime burger, and it comes with onions, lettuce, potato wedges, cole slaw, and a serving of ketchup. I had mine done medium rare.

My Review:

Overall, I thought it was just ok, nothing really that special. The meat itself didn’t make my mouth water upon looking at it, nor did it taste juicy or make me want to keep taking bites out of it. I can only describe it as a regular boring burger.

Quite possibly, this was chosen by Men’s Fitness magazine because it was a relatively healthy burger to eat. Pretty much no grease. Simple, plain condiments that are fresh, not to mention all the veggies on the plate. The largest issue I have with this burger is that the meat had no memorable flavor.

Score: 6/10

However, the bread and butter that came out beforehand was excellent. The bread was warm, soft, and slightly toasted to perfection. The butter was also soft, warm, and just perfect. To me, this was the best dish of the night. I had 3 rolls myself, and towards the end stopped using my knife to spread the butter and just ended up dipping my bread into the butter container.

Pete Miller’s Seafood and Steak
1557 Sherman Avenue
Evanston, IL 60201