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Special Eating Tour Night

Posted on: May 25, 2011

This is a super blog post for a special eating tour night with friends. This night (March 21, 2011) we stopped by four different places for a super long meal. Enjoy the pictures. No, I do not know how to get to where we went.

โมคทิพย์ สามย่าน

Dinner part 1. The fried oyster + egg was incredibly delicious.

นายเพ้ง ค่ัวไก่ สวนหลวง

Supposedly this place is pretty famous. There is a picture of the princess eating here even. This is dinner part 2.

ร้านเซ็งซิมอี้ ถนนสวนหลวง

Dessert part 1.

ป.ปังปิ้ง สวนหลวง

Dessert part 2.