Food is Happiness

Franks N Dawgs

Posted on: June 29, 2011

In general, I’m not a fan of eating hot dogs. From friend’s BBQs to baseball game dogs, I simply don’t enjoy hot dogs. I may order them, but in general I don’t enjoy it as much as say, a hamburger.

BUT, I really love gourmet hot dogs. I’ve had Hot Doug’s, Top Dog, and now Franks ‘N’ Dawgs. This place is awesomely delicious. The bun is toasted to my liking and everything they put in between is just fantastic. Take a look at some of the pictures I’ve taken and tell me you don’t want to go there yourself.

The Brunch Dog (what I ordered)

Lyonaise fries


Back porch where we ate

Franks N Dawgs
1863 N Clybourn Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614