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How to eat at a Food Court in Bangkok

Posted on: June 5, 2011

I thought I would cover the basics of how to eat at a food court in a mall or plaza in Bangkok. I was at Amarin Plaza, which is very similar to many food courts throughout Bangkok. The food court system typically requires patrons to pre-pay for a card or tickets before they enter the food court. None of the shops inside the area will take cash.

1. Get in line to get a card.

2. Pay for a card. About 100 baht is usually enough for lunch. I put 100 on mine.

3. Find a shop that sells something you want to eat. I love Ka Mou (pork leg).

4. A dish of Ka Mou is 40 baht. Be sure to hand them the card so they can deduct the amount.

5. A drink (Pepsi) is 10 baht. So that’s 50 baht for a dish + drink.

6. Next I want some chicken & rice. Another 40 baht.

7. Again, another 10 baht for Pepsi, so that’s a total of 100 baht spent on 2 dishes and 2 drinks.