Food is Happiness

Chiang Mai for Songkran

Posted on: July 13, 2011

I was in Chiang Mai for the Thai new year, Songkran, back in mid April 2011. I completely forgot I had taken photos with my Rebel XT, so I apologize for this very late posting. But I guess better late than never!

This is a collection of various places I stopped by in mid April. The food is Northern style, or I guess I should really say is Chiang Mai city food style. Previous to this trip, I’ve never stayed in Chiang Mai for very long nor did I try the city food much. But I’m glad I did, because I thought it was very delicious!

The Riverside


My cousin brought me here for lunch. As I recall, she said it was one of her favorite places to eat at.

iberry Garden (ไอเบอร์รี่ การ์เดน)

My cousin brought me here after lunch. Apparently it’s a hotspot for the younger Thai generation not just for the dessert, but for the ambiance.

Sunday Walking Street Market

I came here on my last day in Chiang Mai to meet up with super traveller, @lilyleung. You can check out her travel/personal blog: (Web link disabled, as domain reroutes to download something).

The weather was awesome on this day, around 72 F (22 C) by evening. I do miss Chiang Mai, I really wished I spent more time there instead of six months in Bangkok!

I chickened out of eating these.

Perhaps I will try them in the future…

Street sushi, I didn’t dare eat these either

Mango + sticky rice