Food is Happiness

Daily Dose

Posted on: February 8, 2012

A friend came across an article: Damn Good at Daily Dose, where the writer claimed it was the best sandwich in LA. A pretty big claim to make. So a few of us went to go check it out on MLK day back in January.

Before I get into the food, I must point out that the place isn’t obvious or easy to get to. It’s located on a one-way street, going towards the main street I was coming from (Almeda St.). The area isn’t the greatest and where I parked my car, I could smell urine. But those things aside, I like the alley the place was located in. It’s clean and a fun place to take pictures at.

On to the food.

As a disclaimer, I actually didn’t order the “Farmer sandwich”. My friends did order it. I ordered the “Hoffa”, which I really enjoyed. My sister said she really liked the sandwich. The ingredients are fresh and fun. I recommend the place for the atmosphere and sandwiches.

the Hoffa

Daily Dose
1820 Industrial Street #260
Los Angeles, CA 90021