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Miracle Mile Food Trucks

Posted on: March 27, 2012

Over the weekend I attended blogged about the 24 Hour Donut City event. I didn’t realize there would be so many food trucks out on Wilshire. So after tasting some donuts, I went to take some pictures of all the food trucks there. I ended up only trying two places out: Go Chew and Curry Wurst. Both fantastic, pictures below.

Go Chew Food Truck

The chef/owner Charles Slonaker spoke with me after I was walking around the Miracle Mile food truck area taking pictures with my DSLR. We started talking and I ended up getting a custom-made pork bowl from Charles. I really loved it and the brussel sprouts were a really nice touch.

In fact I plan to head to a special Food Truck Tasting with Go Chew Food Truck hosted by Pleasure Palate this Saturday at 1pm at a secret location. Also check out: First Look: The Go Chew Food Truck.

Currywurst Truck

I liked how this Currywurst Truck parked further out than the other trucks. I was able to smell out the curry and find myself walking to them from across the street. My sister loved their eco-utensils– all made of wood! I really enjoyed the sausages here and hope to eat here again and try the bratwurst, polish, and weiner sausages.

Currywurst with roll

Cheese sausage with roll