Food is Happiness

Tara's Himalayan Cuisine

Posted on: April 16, 2012

I recently went to a GrubwithUs dinner, Grubwithus is looking for a front-end developer. Had a great time talking about software development, social media, and technology with everyone there! I really enjoy talking about technology with other like-minded people and hope to do so again here in Los Angeles soon!

As for the restaurant, they were very nice and accommodating. I didn’t know that many of the dishes could be refilled with more food! This was the first time that I’ve tried Himalayan food. I was surprised to see how similar it was to the Indian cuisines I’ve tried. I really enjoyed eating naan with the various dishes they brought out. Dip dip dip!

Vegetable Momos

Aloo Achaar

Chef’s choice eggplant dish

(not sure what this is…)

Vegetable Korma


Lamb Jalfrazi (I think…)

Aloo Bodi Tama (I think…)

Dessert (don’t know the name…)

Tara’s Himalayan Cuisine
10855 Venice Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90034