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Thai House 530

Posted on: May 21, 2012

Almost every visit to SF involves Thai food, maybe as a comfort-food kind of meal. This visit, as a last meal, was no different as we headed out to the Mission to Thai House 530. The only other Thai place I’ve tried in SF is Lers Rod, which is pretty good, just not in a great area.

Anyway, I really liked the Thai food here. The food was fantastic, the service attentive, and the owner– super awesome. My favorite dish here is the Udon sautéed (chicken), just because they used udon noodles instead of the thin noodles. Very distinguishable.

Thai Sangria

Money bags

Thai style beef jerky

Crispy pork belly

Udon sautéed (chicken)

Pork leg stew

Soi noodle

Mango and sticky rice (with strawberry too)

Thai House 530
530 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110