Food is Happiness

NBC Seafood Restaurant

Posted on: June 20, 2012

I’m switching more of my photos over to use a 1:1 cropping, in other words, a square. There’s something about how many social networks these days re-crop photos into squares that has made me switch over to use it more for my food photography.

I visited this place before and blogged about it a bit.

One of the great things about going out to San Gabriel Valley (SGV) for dim sum is that if one place has too long of a line, it’s pretty easy to drive somewhere else to eat.

I do like this place, as it’s huge, and the turn around time is pretty good. Yes, the line is typically out the door, but it moves fast! The food is good and the place is clean.

The only weird thing I noticed was that up front it’s really nice. Like, the LCD screens showing off their food and menu is very much taken by a professional photographer. The presentation looks great. But, once you actually sit at a table and look at their menu, you can see that it’s pasty pink and green. And the pictures are so faded and hard to recognize! It’s interesting how up front they would spend the time and money to make it look really nice, but the very menus here are neglected!

NBC Seafood Restaurant
404 S Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA 91754